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  • The Low Fort
    A fort, formerly the furthest outpost west, is said to be not far from Edgewall. The trail to the fort was discovered by the players. A goblin encampment lies between the trailhead and the fort.
  • Old Woman
    An old woman has been seen roaming the northern edges of the swamp. A recent encounter with a goblin shaman revealed her name, Magda, and that she was competition for the shaman’s clientele. The shaman and Magda have an uneasy truce, each staying in their own territory.
  • Raids on Norhaven Abbey
    A raid on the road, and one on the abbey were both foiled. The raids were carried out by halflings disguised as kobolds. Darrath, the last remaining holy man at the abbey mentioned the raiders come out of the north east forest.


  • Battlefield
    Evidence of a large battle has been reported between the northern edge of the swamps and the southern edge of the mountains.
  • Caves in the Foothills
    Patrols have seen cave systems in the foothills, but aren’t brave enough to investigate them.
  • Abnormally Large Tree
    An huge tree has been spotted north of Norhaven Abbey, rising from the otherwise empty, grassy plain.
  • Tower in the Forest
    Rumors of a tower in the forest north east of the Abbey.
  • Lost Abbey
    The monks of Norhaven Abbey were seeking a lost abbey of their order, supposedly located in the north eastern marshes.
  • Massive Cemetery
    Rumors say a massive cemetery lies in the forest near a lake.
  • Ruined Temple
    According to Darrath, a temple of another order is rumored to exist west of the tower in the forest.

Recent Developments

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