Tiefling Warlock


Height: 5’10"
Weight: 198
Age: 28
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Deity: None

11 strength
16 constitution
10 dexterity
16 intelligence
14 wisdom
12 charisma

Trained skills: Arcana, Bluff, Religion, Intimidate
Languages: Common, Primordial


He was born to two Tiefling parents who were part of a secret clan located on the outskirts of civilization prior to his birth. The clan consisted of nine members who called themselves the Hell Seekers and worshiped Dispater, the lord of the Second Plane of Hell. They wished to be reunited with the devils from the Tiefling history and often made ventures out into the wilderness in the hopes of encountering devils, demons, or other evil beings that could assist them.

They were largely unsuccessful for years until they found a roving band of hobgoblins. The hobgoblins were unsympathetic to their plight and mercilessly struck down the members of the clan. Only Raja’s mother, Ibu, survived through shear luck and was able to drag herself back to the small village the clan had inhabited. Perhaps her will to live was stronger than the others because she was with child or perhaps some god smiled down on her, but for whatever reason she was able to escape the deadly hobgoblin attack.

Ibu never spoke of the Hell Seekers to Raja but his curiosity, stemming from the absence of his father, compelled him to slowly begin piecing together clues that revealed to him the truth of his parents’ past in his second decade of life. He became enraged at his mother for hiding the truth from him and this awakened the eldritch powers within him. Unable to control himself and the newly possessed demonic energy, he accidentally slew his mother in his fit of rage.

The death of his mother only upset Raja further and caused him to cut himself off from everyone else and lived for several years in isolation. Throughout this period he learned to control and harness this unnatural energy until he felt comfortable returning to civilization. But his anger was never quenched and his desire to overcome his father’s death and surpass him in strength and ability drives him to his day.


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