Drow Hexblade


Height: 6’
Weight: 150
Age: 87
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Deity: Sehanine

8 strength
11 constitution
16 dexterity
10 intelligence
10 wisdom
20 charisma

Trained Skills: Bluff, Intimidate, Nature, Thievery, Stealth
Languages: Common, Elven

A young male drow appearing no older than 25 years of age(to a human)

walked away from the tower he had called home for many years. Bright
purple eldritch energy glowed from the rod he held in his left hand
while a light blue chill could be seen emanating from the small blade
he carried in his right. As he turned to look back for the final time
both the glow from his left hand and the blade in his right hand faded
into the night. Ready to be called by their new master.

. Previous to the life he had at the mages tower he had escaped from

the underdark. He had hated the short life he lived there and as a
male was paid little attention by the rest of his kind. He wandered the
towns and cities of the upper world, learning trickery and swordsmanship.
Trickery to get what he wanted and swordsmanship to protect him from the
prejudice that existed against him.
To Marokeas it was a game. What could he get away with? The stuff he
stole was his reward. In time it became too easy to grab what was in
someone’s pocket. He began to work on fooling people with tricks as
well as taking from them. He found that people could be convinced to
give him what he wanted in exchange for a fun trick or two. Sometimes he
could distract them enough to take more than they had agreed to. He
got good enough that some people mistook him for a man of the arcane.
It came to pass that he attempted to dupe a young apprentice of a
real wizard. This happened when Marokeas was 18 years old. The
apprentice was fascinated while the wizard himself seemed impressed
with the dedication Maro had put into this small art. He offered
apprenticeship as a new part of life for the young schemer. For Maro
the choice was simple, he was getting quite bored of the life he ran
and was interested in what the arcane might have to offer him;
something his previous life would never have been able to give him due
to his gender and drow culture.

As interesting as the arcane sounded and the powers afforded to those

who study constantly, Maro found that the intermediate rewards were
non-existant. With his tricks and swords he could watch as he slowly
got better and better. Magic was not this way. Learning a spell took time
and effort, failure resulted in no reward no matter how close to perfect
he was. He learned a different way of forcing someone to do what he wanted here.
The apprentice who shared his lodging was easily frightened and made to do things
Marokeas wanted him to do.
This was a new tactic that Maro learned to use to his advantage and
in the things he learned he learned of the feywild and the beings that
existed there. He was fascinated at the prospect of acquiring mortal
souls as a way to expand ones power. Once he became aware of his
master’s use of a fey lord in one of his experiments he quickly
attempted to gain access to the lord while he was summoned. Through a
mixture of trickery and intimidation he got his fellow apprentice to
act as a distraction while Marokeas would sneak into the summoning
room where the master was working.
While there he made a pact with the lord. The lord would grant him
the arcane power he desired while any foe he happened to slay in his
wanderings would have a shard of its soul energy be taken by the fey
lord. Nicolas managed to convince the lord that he would have many
great battles in the future and that adventure would be his. While the
lord would have agreed to these terms readily he seemed incredibly
bored and made a counter offer instead. He was being summoned to this
place again and again against his will over and over. According to the
lord it was because ages ago he had been wounded long ago and left a
part of himself in this realm. The wizard who was here had found it,
and used it to call the lord to this plane, pretty much whenever he
wanted to. The lord said he would grant any and all the power Marokeas
would ever want and in exchange he simply had to utterly destroy the
piece that bound him to the call of the wizard. Surprised that such a
simple request was all he had to agree to he struck the bargain that
included these final conditions. He said to grant him the power now,
and the fey lord would never be summoned through the use of that
artifact ever again. The pact was made and the power flowed through
Maro’s body so much that he felt it. His eyes glowed purple and his
body lifted into the air for a few seconds. The bargain complete, he
snuck away so that the wizard would not discover his deeds.
That night, once all were asleep in the tower, Nicolas strode through
the halls. He found the artifact guarded by what he now could tell
were incredibly weak wards against thievery. He gathered the power he
now had and focused completely on destroying the artifact just as the
fey lord had instructed him to. Waves of power washed through him and
before a few seconds were up whatever used to be right in front of him
was now completely gone, burned, disintegrated, or completely
destroyed. The power that he had unleashed swirled around him and
combined together creating a blade in his right hand. A symbol of the
pact promise. With nothing left accomplish here, he left the tower.


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