The Eastland Job

The Abbey Excursion

The first excursion was made up of a drow hexblade named Marokeas, a half-orc slayer named Korrick, a Paladin named ___________, a rogue named _________, and a tiefling warlock named Raja.

These five headed north from Edgewall having heard of raids on the road to Norhaven Abbey. Also Norhaven had missed their monthly supply run and no word has come from there since.

The adventurers headed north along the road and before long came across some very fearsome creatures. Immediately noting how strong these enemies were, all five attempted to escape a possibly deadly situation. After an escape like that, none knew in which direction they had run but continued to head north for about a day and a half.

At that point they came across a strange sight. A wagon had been obliterated in in what looked like a marsh. It seemed very very old. The group took note of the sighting but moved on once nothing more strange came of it.

The next time they came across a destroyed wagon it was much more recent. So recent, in fact, that it still showed signs of burning. An examination was cut short by an attack by a small group of what appeared to be kobold warriors. The group fought the kobolds and as their moral waivered the ones that remained alive began to retreat while taking their dead with them.
Finally, the battle completed, the group set to examine the two dead bodies that did not escape. Raja, the warlock, finds out that the kobolds are wearing their skin like a disguise. After peeling it off it is obvious that these “kobolds” are actually half-lings.

After this developement the group takes a well deserved rest and sleeps for the night. In the morning they continue on to the abbey partially following the footprints of the kobolds/halflings. Once inside the abbey the group searches around finding only dead bodies but nothing else of interest. Except, in one room. A man who is found out later to be called Darath is scratching at the wall of his room. It seemed that he was trying to escape. Nothing intelligible could be gathered from him, however, so the group left him alone while going to search the rest of the abbey.

After searching one of the rooms a group of Kobolds stands in the entrance to the abbey. They look confident and ready to fight. A few words from the group about how they know the kobolds are actually halflings seems to make them nervous. Nonetheless a fight breaks out anyway. About halfway through the battle Darath charges out of his room madly and aids the adventures as they battle the kobolds.

Victory is achieved over the Kobolds and the adventures speak with Darath who claims to be a monk of this abbey. He says that the creatures seem to come from the forest to the east. He also claims that his order is supposed to have built a grand cemetery far to the north.

After this discussion, the adventurers have an uneventful trip back to edgwall.

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